Spirit of Yorkshire launches Filey Bay Flagship single malt whisky

Filey Bay Flagship single malt whisky

Having worked with sister company, Wold Top Brewery since 2006, I was thrilled to be invited to look after pr for Yorkshire’s first single malt whisky: Filey Bay.

I started working with the team at Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery in early 2018 and have helped them to chart their journey through limited editions of ‘pre-whisky’ Maturing Malt through the first taste of Yorkshire’s first single malt whisky, Filey Bay, following a mandatory three year distillation, to the launch of Filey Bay Flagship. In between times, we issued press releases to celebrate the Pot Still Coffee Shop as a music and events venue, the team’s expansion and numerous awards that have been won for the taste of the whisky, the quality of the distillery tours and Spirit of Yorkshire’s growing reputation as a tourist destination.