New product development during a global pandemic

New product development from Jason Thompson at Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil

New product development is the lifeblood of any company, but making the decision to launch something new in the middle of a pandemic when many of your traditional routes to market (food festivals and trade and consumer shows) have been cancelled is a challenging one.

Never a company to shy away from difficult decisions, long term client, Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil has introduced a new Tartare Sauce that is made from two Great Taste star award winning rapeseed oil combined with with gherkins, pickled onions and capers. It was developed by Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil’s new product development guru, Jason Thompson (oictured), who said: “2020 has been a very challenging year for small businesses like ours and the temptation might have been not to invest in new products, but to wait and see how things develop.” Follow the story on the Breckenholme website.